March on the RNC

March on the RNC 2024

The Coalition to March on the RNC is planning a major march and rally on the first day of the RNC in Milwaukee, WI on July 15, 2024. We will gather at 10:00 AM CST in Red Arrow Park.

Protesters holding a banner reading 'Coalition to March on the Republican National Convention

Red Arrow Park

July 15, 2024 • 920 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI


10:00 AM CST


11:00 AM CST


12:00 PM CST

Points of Unity

A national coalition of groups and unions will come together to stop the Republican’s racist and reactionary agenda, defend reproductive rights, and demand and peace, justice, and and equity!

  • Fight the racist and reactionary agenda of the Republican Party.
  • Defend women's, LGBTQ, and reproductive rights.
  • Defend and expand immigrant rights.
  • Peace, justice, and equity for all.
  • Stand with Palestine

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