March on the RNC



Coalition Team

Coalition to March on the RNC

The Coalition to March on the RNC led protests in St. Paul 2008, Tampa 2012, and Cleveland 2016 when Trump won the Republican nomination. Many of these same organizations served as the core of the Coalition to March on the DNC in 2020 when the Democrats faced protests from seven families whose loved ones were wrongfully murdered by police in Milwaukee and other parts of Wisconsin.

As in previous years, the Coalition is seeking to unite as many groups and organizations as possible. Over the course of the next year in the buildup to the March on the RNC, leaders will make plans together for the mass demonstration where everyone is welcome, along with their loved ones and families.

Points of Unity

A national coalition of groups and unions will come together to stop the Republican’s racist and reactionary agenda, defend reproductive rights, and demand and peace, justice, and and equity!

  • Fight the racist and reactionary agenda of the Republican Party.
  • Defend women's, LGBTQ, and reproductive rights.
  • Defend and expand immigrant rights.
  • Peace, justice, and equity for all.
  • Stand with Palestine