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📢 Call to Action - National Call-In Day

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    Coalition Team
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National Call-In Day to Milwaukee Mayor Johnson for the March on the RNC: Issue the Permit Now!

Please call Mayor Cavalier Johnson at 414-286-2200 and say the following:

“Tell Mayor Johnson to give us the permit for our March on the RNC in Milwaukee this Monday, July 15, 2024, at 10am. We will rally at Red Arrow Park and march to the Republican National Convention at Fiserv Forum. We have waited long enough and are excited to march!”

Coalition Call In Day is Wednesday, July 10, 2024, from 8AM to 5PM CT.

Mayor Johnson and the Secret Service think they can stifle free speech and frustrate our right to gather and march to within sight and sound of the RNC. They claim to be for democracy but for over a year have denied us a permit though we filed early. On Monday, July 8, U.S. District Judge Brett Ludwig, a Trump appointee, ruled against the Coalition's lawsuit to force the city to grant their chosen route. Tell Mayor Johnson to issue the permit now!

We ask you to call and tell Mayor Johnson to, “Let the people march! Let our voices be heard at the rally in Red Arrow Park on Monday at 10am. Join us as we march to the front doors of the Fiserv Auditorium where the Republicans will hear us outside promoting a pro-people agenda.”

The Coalition to March on the RNC is the opposite of everything the Republicans stand for. Our Coalition opposes racism and war, reaction and genocide. We are supporting immigrants’ rights, supporting women’ s freedom to choose, holding up LGBTQ freedom, and calling to give workers raises and lower prices for staples like food and drinks, gas, and rent. We want peace, justice, and equity!

The Coalition stands for everything good and progressive for the future of our country, while the Republicans and Trump want to drag us backwards. We will march to stop that from happening. While the Republicans are lying and scheming inside their convention, we will be outside letting the world know that we are building movements for workers, students, and the oppressed that will stop the Republican attempts to seize more power.

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